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Give a Gift

There are two ways to give a GIFT - by contributing to the website or through our practical GIFT workshop for residential care or nursing homes.


The simpliest way is to add your comments and/or photograph to the GIFT website and help create a conversation.

To look at the images simply click or tap on the image, scroll through the other photographs you may find on the page, read the story and then write your comment and/or contribute your own picture.

Uploading images can be done simply from a PC, Mac or tablet, which will also give you an option to take a photo if you haven't already got a picture of the GIFT you want to share. After you submit your comment/picture it is sent to the moderator who then will publish it.

Each picture in GIFT can be enlarged by double clicking or 'pinching' the image on a tablet. The size of font can also be changed in Settings which is found on the Home page.


If you would like a GIFT workshop, we can visit your residential care or nursing home and work with your residents to explore their lives and histories and help them locate and discover GIFTs that they can share with the world.

Once we have found the GIFTs and their stories we will photograph them at the residential or nursing home in order to present them on the website as new GIFTs which can then be explored by others.

All of our workshops are carried out by professional artists who have experience of working in residential care and community settings. Identity and locations of participants are kept confidential unless otherwise agreed.

GIFT workshops can be tailored to your needs and can take place over a single or series of weeks and we are able to work with 10-30 people in a GIFT workshop.

If you would like more information on GIFT workshops please contact