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About Gift

"The spirit of a gift is kept alive by its constant donation"  - Lewis Hyde.

GIFT is a gallery; a ‘digital giving’ gallery that celebrates the act of giving and how it connects us as families, friends, colleagues and neighbours, through the things that we give and the things that we receive.

GIFT is about celebrating the lives, stories and experiences of older people, we hope it will:

• Act as a digital tool for engaging older people; particularly those in residential and nursing homes.
• Encourage older people to contribute and share their stories and photographs and so start an on-line conversation with other older people across the UK.
• Be simple and easy to use for older people, families, and care-workers. 
• Capture the beauty of everyday objects through photography and story, that celebrates their detail, meaning and common purpose for us all, whilst sharing their owners own unique relationship.

Viewers of the site are encouraged to contribute and upload their own stories or connection to each GIFT on the site, so potentially connecting one person’s single GIFT to hundreds of others. In this way every GIFT on the site will continue to give.

Each GIFT is a vessel; for memories, recollections, stories, and ideas, initially by the giver at first, but eventually by others who may form their own a relationship to each GIFT.We hope it will become a living and dynamic resource and artwork that continues to grow whenever it is viewed.

"Photographs are substantial shadows...they are at once signs and objects, documents of actual events..the world of yesterday, of the hour before last, of the second before this one"  Dick Hebdige 

For more information please contact Adrian on or 01432 344039